What exactly is an Escape Room?

Escape Room is a physical adventure where you and your group are put in a room and have to try to get out by finding clues and solving different puzzles, riddles and tricks. You are only allowed to use what is already in the room and have 60 minutes to get out.

Escape Room is also sometimes referred to as an escape game and has many different terms in English such as: Room Escape, Escape the Room, Mystery Rooms, Escape Games, Exit Rooms, Live Escape Room etc. The concept of escape room itself originates from Japan where the first rooms were invented and built. Since then, escape rooms have become a phenomenon around the world, and can now be found in every major city in the world. In Europe, Budapest is famous for its many escape rooms, with over 300 rooms to play.

We have 9 Escape Rooms in Uppsala and are of high quality compared to many of our industry colleagues. We have invested a lot in giving the participants a complete overall experience, everything from interior and smart puzzles to background music.

Who can play Escape Room?

Family & friends

Escape Room is suitable for families and groups of friends


Escape Room is perfect for competitive people.


Getting colleagues to cooperate and solve problems


Be sure to explore our Escape Room when you are visiting Uppsala.

A unique experience

Most visitors are groups of friends, but also corporate events, pre-parties, stag and hen parties. Escape rooms, or escape games, suit all kinds of people who want to try something new and different, and who like problem solving, but in a more physical form! Since there is no preparation required, it is very easy to book a free time and just show up about 10 minutes before!

Are you looking for a unique experience in Uppsala? Do you want to play lavish and new Escape Rooms? Come and visit us in one of our two locations in Uppsala. You will not regret it!

Frequently asked questions

Escape Room is a new type of game where people are locked in a room with other participants and must use parts of the room to solve a series of puzzles, find clues and escape the room within 60 minutes.

The game itself takes 60 minutes, but we need 10 minutes before each game to go through instructions. In case of late arrival, time will be deducted from your booked hour so that subsequent groups are not affected.

Escape Room is suitable for all age groups, from corporate team building to groups of friends, couples and families.

You can be between 2-6 players, we recommend a team of 3-4 people to get the best experience.

The maximum limit of 6 people is set out of consideration for you. More than 6 people in the same room will give you a worse experience, we rather recommend you to split into several rooms. If you are more than 6 people and divide into several rooms, you still get the lowest price (350 SEK per person). You will then have a better experience and will be more satisfied than if you play 7 people. If you still want to be 7 people in a room, we will not say no, but our recommendation is that you split up. 

Payment is made on site upon arrival. Accepted methods of payment are: credit card, swish or gift card. We do not take cash.

When you book, a cancellation link is included in the confirmation. The link can be used up to 6 hours before your booked time and a cancellation is free of charge. If you know earlier that you will not show up, feel free to use the link for cancellation as soon as you know this.

If you do not cancel but simply do not show up, you will be invoiced.

Whether you have a gift card or want to pay on site, you book directly via the website, phone or email.
Show the gift card when paying on site after your game.

We sell soft drinks and other light snacks.

No, please consider this experience as a possible pre-party but do not come to us drunk. We have the right to refuse games if you are drunk.

Escaperoom is suitable for all ages but is best suited for adults.

We allow you to be under 15 years old in the company of a parent or guardian except for SAW where the minimum age is 15.

In all our rooms, it is possible to exit the rooms at any time by simply opening the door. All rooms are either unlocked or equipped with a button to open the door.

All our rooms are available in both Swedish and English

We have two premises in Uppsala.

At Österängsgatan 6A in Fålhagen, about 800m from the central station, you will find: Pirates, SAW & The Great Mind.

On Klostergatan 4, along the pedestrian street in the city:
Alice in Wonderland, Belly of the Beast, Robbery, The Holy Grail, Wild West & Kingdom of Ice