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Klostergatan 4, Uppsala

Kingdom of Ice

Österängsgatan 6A, Uppsala


Klostergatan 4, Uppsala

The Holy Grail

Klostergatan 4, Uppsala


Klostergatan 4, Uppsala

Wild West

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Escape Room is perfect for competitive people.


Getting colleagues to cooperate and solve problems


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The gift card is sent via text message and is available for 2-6 simultaneous players in any of our rooms and is valid for 12 months. If you want the gift card by email, fill in your email in Step 4 after payment, or go to the receipt and fill in your email there. The gift cards are automatically delivered immediately as a link with a QR code and can be forwarded to friends or acquaintances or printed. Do you want a nicer physical gift card to give as a gift? Come to us and we will help you!

If you have a gift card, you book your appointment online as usual and simply present the gift card as payment once you have played.

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Escape Room

Escape Rooms, also known as 'escape games', go by several different names in English, including Room Escape, Escape the Room, Mystery Rooms, Escaperoom, Escape Games, Exit Rooms and Live Escape Room, among others. This versatile form of entertainment offers a fascinating mix of puzzles, teamwork and adventure.

In Uppsala, we have established ourselves as a leading player in Escape Room experiences, with nine uniquely themed rooms spread across two centrally located facilities. Each room is carefully designed with high quality materials, thoughtful props and the latest technology to create an unforgettable and realistic experience.

Our Escape Rooms are designed to cater for a wide range of groups, from friends and families to companies looking for team building activities. We are proud to offer an experience that, without exaggeration, is considered one of the best in Sweden. Whether you are looking for excitement, mystery or a creative challenge, our Escape Rooms have something to offer for everyone.

Escape Rooms, also known as escape games, have become a popular form of entertainment worldwide. These real-life adventure games offer participants a unique experience where they must work together to solve puzzles, find clues and perform various tasks within a set time frame to "escape" from a locked room. Combining elements of teamwork, creative thinking and problem solving, Escape Rooms have become a favorite among people looking for an interactive and engaging activity.

The history of Escape Rooms

The concept has its roots in computer and video games, especially those that require the player to solve puzzles to advance through the game world. The 'escape the room' genre was first popularized by these digital games in the early 2000s. However, it is Japanese entrepreneur Takao Kato who is often credited with creating the first physical escape room game in 2007, through his company SCRAP in Kyoto, Japan. Kato's idea was to transfer the digital experience to the real world, where players could physically experience the thrills and challenges.

After its success in Japan, the concept quickly spread to other parts of Asia, Europe and North America. Each room has its own unique theme and story, which can include anything from historical adventures to science fiction mysteries. This variety allows the experience to be customized to suit a wide audience, including families, friends and colleagues looking for team-building activities.

Why are Escape Rooms so popular?

One reason for its popularity is its ability to offer a break from the digital world. In an age where screens dominate many aspects of our lives, it provides a real-life experience that requires direct interaction and collaboration. Moreover, they are customizable, meaning there are rooms with different levels of difficulty and themes, making them accessible and entertaining for people with different interests and ages.

For companies, it offers a unique team-building experience that promotes communication, collaboration and creative thinking among employees. This aspect has made them a popular activity for corporate events and conferences.

In conclusion, Escape Rooms have cemented their place in the world of entertainment by offering exciting, unique and memorable experiences. From their humble beginnings to today's technologically advanced games, they continue to attract participants who are hungry for adventure and challenge.

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