About the game

What is Escape Room?

Escape Room is finally in Uppsala, Sweden!

Escape Room comes in as many forms as it has names. Escape Room is for example also called: Room Escape, Escape the Room, Mystery Rooms, Escape Games, Exit Rooms, Live Escape Room, Escape Room m.m.

The term “Escape Room” comes originally from Japan where the first rooms was invented and built. After this it has become a world wide phenomena and are now located in all bigger cities in the world. Budapest is probably the city in Europe that is most famous for Escape Rooms with over 300 rooms to play.

Escape Room is a physical adventure where you and your group will be put in a room/or rooms and try to get out by finding clues, objects and solve puzzles and riddles.  You are only allowed to use whatever you find in the room and you have 60 minutes to escape the room.

Our 9 Escape Rooms in Uppsala have very high quality comparing to many of our colleagues in the genre. Vi have put a lot of effort in making all the participants get a complete experience in both interiors, smart puzzles as well as background music and stories.

Who can play Escape Room?

Most of our visitors is a group of friends. But Escape Room fits perfectly also for: Colleagues at work, pre parties, bachelor parties or families. Escape Room is a fit for almost everyone who wants to try something new and different and who likes problem solving in the real world. No knowledge before coming to us is necessary, all you need to do is book a time and show up 10 minutes before.

Are you looking for a unique experience in Uppsala, Sweden? Do you want to play lavish new Escape Rooms? Come and visit us in one of our two locations in Uppsala and you will not regret yourselves!

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Pay at the location by card, cash, gift card or Swish.


375 SEK per person


350 SEK per person


330 SEK per person


For urgent questions we always recommend you to give us a call

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