2-6 participants


60 minutes

Difficulty level


Rec. age


Ship and bike, landlubbers...

Your adventure on the Caribbean Sea has taken you aboard the famous ship Black Diamond, a pirate ship that has been anchored and hidden from humanity for a long long time until now... You are happy about the discovery, and well aware of the ship's history and the rumors that there is a great treasure hidden in the ship. Once on board, something goes wrong and you find yourself imprisoned on the ship. Now it's all about how well you understand the clues left to you by the former captain. Can you make it back to freedom and take the treasure with you? Or will you be left behind forever?

Our prices

2 players

375 kr per person

3-6 players

350 kr per person

Frequently asked questions

You can be between 2-6 players, we recommend a team of 3-4 people to get the best experience.

The maximum limit of 6 people is set out of consideration for you. More than 6 people in the same room will give you a worse experience, we rather recommend you to split into several rooms. If you are more than 6 people and divide into several rooms, you still get the lowest price (330 SEK per person). You will have a better experience and will be more satisfied than if you play 7 people. If you still want to be 7 people in a room, we will not say no, but our recommendation is that you split up. 

Payment is made on site upon arrival. Accepted methods of payment are: credit card, swish or gift card. We do not take cash.

We sell soft drinks and other light snacks.

In all our rooms, it is possible to exit the rooms at any time by simply opening the door. All rooms are either unlocked or equipped with a button to open the door.

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